Fiction books are among the most prominent styles of writing worldwide today. Popular fiction writers can live quite comfortably with writing as their only profession. In past years, writing fiction stories was more of a hobby or extra job. These days, the demand for intricate fiction stories is very high.

What is it that entrances people so much with these fictional stories? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Fresh and Creative

While many people enjoy reading the same style of story from many different authors, creating a story that is completely original and interesting tends to get popular far more quickly. The original books written on vampires, superheroes, and so on are well-known even today.

Those that wrote stories very similar but with their own spin tend to get some publicity from that. They almost never become as or more famous than the author who first invented the idea.

Even today, after so many different stories have been written, authors are still coming up with new and inventive ideas for interesting fictional stories.


One of the features that you will find in every popular fictional story is the inclusion of suspense. This is an tactic that you won’t find in non-fiction writing. Giving the reader a taste of what’s to come as well as some plot twists that aren’t fully revealed for many chapters is the perfect way to get someone hooked on a book.

The genre which best uses this tactic is thriller books. Thrillers will get you close to the characters then leave them in a dangerous position. The possibility of a character you love being in danger or upset is more than enough to keep readers hooked all the way through the book.

Well Thought-Out Plot

A trick that most fiction writers take advantage of is designing the entire plot before starting to write. It is important for the writer to know how his story will start, how the characters will be developed throughout the story, and how the story will end.

Once you have those points sorted, you should have the suspense trigger in mind. Think about what shocking revelation you want to give to the reader near the middle or end of your story.

After you’ve thought of it, leave small hints throughout the book to keep the reader thinking without giving away too much that they figure it out. That way if the reader truly wants to know what’s going on they must finish reading the entire book!

Points to Remember

Make sure to have your story planned out from beginning to end. Try to brainstorm all the information that you will need before you start writing. You need things such as:

  • A description of each of the main characters, good and evil
  • How your story will start
  • The difficulty that the characters will face during the story
  • How the characters overcome the difficulty
  • How the story will end
  • The suspense tactic
  • A few points in the plot where you plan to drop hints

Once you have all these things figured out, you should be able to get started and write an amazing fictional story!

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