Short article writing is one of the most effective methods to raise your web traffic and obtain more sales. SEO is now a major tool in short article writing as it can get you a good webpage rank with Google.

Short article writing is a great form of advertising and effectively promotes your website. Short article writing is one of the best free-marketing approaches. You can easily climb the ranks of web-searches without spending a penny.

There are several things that can be done with short articles which will boost your websites popularity over a long period of time. Even an article which you posted five years ago can still earn you revenue today! Read on to learn more:

Permanent Backlinks

For every short article that you write, you can add a backlink to one of your other articles. This link will connect all the articles that you have posted into one giant loop. Using this method allows the reader to quickly find additional information by following the links that you have provided them with.

This ensures that you have constant web traffic on your website. Even the oldest of your articles will still get hits as the newer articles backlink to them!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the perfect means to make your short articles lucrative. If you manage to keep all your articles optimized through this method, your site will never be short of traffic.

The way SEO works is by adding keywords to your articles which tend to be searched most often on sites such as Google or Yahoo. There are three ways to do this.

Do It Yourself

The first way is to research for yourself on what kind of searches are most common in the area of article writing you plan to engage in. Once you have figured that out, you simply need to include that keyword three or four times in your article. This will instantly bump your article up on the web-search rank.

Freelancer Writers

If you are short on time, hiring someone to write for you may be in your best interest. This will, of course, cost you money. On average, a writer will cost you $4 – $15 per short article. While this may seem expensive, the article will earn you revenue over the years and should end up being worth far more than what you initially paid. Be sure not to go too low with your prices as an inexperienced writer may provide you with an article that doesn’t go anywhere and ends up earning you nothing! As the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’.

Using a Program

Once you have an article, if you find that it doesn’t do well online, a software program may be the right call. There are plenty of programs online that can scan through your article and improve its ranking by adding SEO content. This option may seem easy, but you do need to read through the changes yourself to be sure that it still makes perfect sense. A program can only do so much; there is still a human touch that will keep people interested.

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