Hi! If you have not already seen on the homepage by the right side, my name is Angela. I used to be a high school teacher teaching history and English linguistics and essay writing, and I went afterwards to a few different universities to teach English Linguistics and Essay Writing on a more professional scale. I have taught many writers at my time teaching in college (which shall not be named so I can have some anonymity), and I am soon retiring. However, I wish to continue teaching English and Essays as I have always enjoyed sharing my craft with young, vibrant students such as you, who has recently found my website.

My love for the English language has stemmed from my own teachers in the past, and I wish to continue their legacy as right now with the advent of the internet, we are able to use it to bring our message forward. My previous predecessors did not have this luxury.

In this website, I will post a collection of articles about how to write good essays, how to get good at various forms of writing, and also some examples of essays that you could write. Mind the English of course, it may not be perfect but it is definitely able to get the point across.