A common question that people ask is how one should end a short article? The conclusion of your short article is as important as the introduction. If you do not end your short article well it can detract from everything you just stated.

There are a few different forms of conclusion which work well depending on the style of short article written. Read on to determine which of these options is best for you:

Inform the Reader what They Should Do

One of the best ways to end an article is to help the reader apply the contents to their life. If your reader feels as though they’ve gained something useful from the short article they read, they are more likely to be satisfied with the overall contents.

This satisfaction will also make it more likely that they will investigate more of your short articles in search of other useful information. Not only do you wind up helping your readers, but your readers end wind up helping you.

Motivate Your Reader with a Question

A pointed question is sure to get your reader thinking about the totality of your short article. Once they have absorbed the knowledge that you have provided them through the main body of your short article, the reader will be wondering how it affects them as an individual.

You can use questions such as ‘Are you being held back by the fear of failure?’ This question will get the reader thinking about whether that question is true of them or not. If it is, they may be able to act on it and improve their lives.

If that is the case, your reader is sure to be happy with the time they took to read your short article. A happy reader makes for a happy writer!

Utilize a Call to Action

Calling the reader to action is a great form of conclusion. The call to action can be anything from asking the reader to make use of what they read to inviting them to leave a comment below and start up a conversation with other readers.

This tactic is nice for the reader as it gives them something constructive to do with the information they have learned as well as giving the writer some feedback from their readers.

Another potential call to action is to give the reader access to your email and allow them to discuss the topic with you personally. This helps you to get close to your readers and provides you with steady feedback about your content.

In Conclusion…

I would also recommend not using such a dull final heading. I’m only using it here for the sake of irony. You don’t want the last thing your reader sees to be so boring, right?

Which of these conclusion forms do you find the most appealing? Leave a comment below with your answer!

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